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29 November 2009 @ 04:59 pm
Well, overall I suppose it was a lot of fun. Got their like 3.5 hours before doors opened just to see there was a line. Was angry. =[ No barrier! Not used to that at all!! The chicks in front of meh sis and I were sooo annoying. It was like SHUT UP OR STOP YELLING!! i hate BLG fangirl. >=[ It was sooo windy. OMG I was frozen. Thank god for hand warmers. The line moved a little and the girls infront of us moved ahead and cut people. Too bad they didn't get barrier. Losers. XD I had to go to BR and saw a nice village. WE bought water. Saw cute guy. This chick was stalking him. It was creepy. WAited in line for a couple hours. Made Jerry's sign. Said Good luck Jerry! Wrote cards. I was cold. ut not too bad. Saw VIP and meet and greets people go in. Knew they were gonna get barrier. FML moment. the wind stopped. but it was still chilly. my ppoor knee caps. The people announced that the doors would open 1/2 hour earlier. Sweet success. Before that, I also walked into the movies to warm up. It felt nice. Saw meet and greet people go in the stage. was sad cuz they were def. gonna get barrier. The line moved and we spazzed out about the cannoli we bought for jerry and blake. oh, the cannoli was good. turns out they didn't check our bags AT ALL. Went in. Saw that the stage was TINY! saw gregory james play. He wasn't bad at all. Def. not getting barrier cuz there were sooo many people in front of us. Like...25. So packed. Asked girl in front of us if she was a VE fan. She said yes. I was disappointed. Plan failed. VE's intro was super epic. They walked on stage. I saw Jerry. He looked amazing. I screamed. I held sign after lights were on. He saw and flapped @ me. =] Best memory. I rocked out like crazy. Started getting terrible stomach cramps during Moment Between Sleep. Was starting to get upset about Jerry leaving. After set was done, we went outside to see no one by merch. Went back inside for ARTTM. They were pretty good. I knew more songs this time. =] WEnt back outside and bought 2 VE bracelets. saw devin, He looked a little drunk. Asked him to sign sign. He was all "you want ME to sign it?" and we're like yes so he signed it and we took pics. Didn't see anyone else. Stayed inside for the maine. They weren't too too bad. After, we went back outside to drop off cannoli. this time, devin wasn't there. Went back inside to the pit for Cobra. Was pretty close actually. cobra came out and i was so excited. Girls in front of us were a little obnoxious. Lots of smushing and a little shoving. Had a lot of fun shouting "UH HUH HOLY SHIT IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GET OFF MEH DICK!' etc. My throat was so sore. Did guilty pleasure dance. knew cobra sign. it's like, you "hardcore" fans in front of us take that! So yeah...went ouside and called taxi for 10:20. went back inside to hear sierra for 2 is better than 1. mike finn came out instead. turns out it was a prank. hoped to see jerry but didn't. we went out the doors to wait on the sidewalk for them. saw devin wasted. asked him where jerry was and he said that he left already. Drunk girl was ridiculously stupid. disappointed, and waited for the taxi. and no blake! there was a party but couldnt stay. =[ was pretty sad...last chance to see jerry and he wasn't there. walpole station was odd. no people and dark. tiredness and sadness. got in dorm thankfully. had noodles and looked @ pics and moped. slept in abby's bed. still upset. miss him. love him. jerry berry. <33

I know this is like a horrible post but my sis wanted me to post it instead so that was the best i could do. really didn't wanna type everything out.
05 October 2009 @ 03:56 pm
So I haven't posted in awhile because no one cares to read it! BUT THIS SO IMPORTANT!! So sunday, (the 3rd) I made a fan group for Tonight We Dream, Devin's side music project. To be honest, I think they're okay. But I made a group, since there wasn't one made, and I renamed it to Tonight We Dream is Amazing instead of just tonight we dream. Anyway, so no one joined for the rest of the day. Except my sister dearest. I go to school, get back, check my facebook, and see a friend request and ignore it. I see 2 messages in my inbox, so I checked that. So I see

"I don't know you <---(subject)
But you're fucking amazing! <333 TWD4LYFF! lol.

So at first I was like whoa who ish this?!?! Then I clicked his profile and see that Blake Harnage dearest was one of his friends and it clicked!! So I accepted just to see that yers, he is the guitarist!! So of course, I look through his stuff, just to see that his status was once "So if you aren't in he TWD fb group, you are pretty much losing out on some top secret deets." (he was most likely supposed to be the haha)

And another

"My night has just been made."


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AND I WAS LIKE HOLY SHIT!! SO I RAN AROUND THE ROOM TWICE...AND THEN LATER TWO MORE TIMES!! JUST CUZ!! And then he made an official group, not just a fan thing. And there's 58 people in my group so I was like Hellz to the fricken YES!!

Life rulezuh...!



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23 July 2009 @ 02:05 pm
Sooo...this week end...I'm going to this Open Night thingie...and then the beach for this random and weird festival....I'm SUPPOSED to sleep over @ a firned's house, but OF COURSE, Gram being Gram, won't let me even though my mom does!! WTF?! I mean, just because last time I got cat hair all over myself. A LINT BRUSH...I COULD USE ONE!! I mean, what?!?! That doesn't even make any sense!! We're just two girls who want to catch up on summer and stuff!! This is so ridiculous!! I mean, fine, I won't sleep over but why make such a big deal about it? When I get a dog, I'll have hair ALL over. Does that keep other people not staying @ friend's houses?! NO!! RAWR SHE'S JUST SO ANNOYING!! I haven't slept over for a pretty long time...so it's not that big of a deal. SHe's literally half a street away. Which, Gram uses that AGAINST me saying there's not point of sleeping over if she lives so close!! Um...it doesn't MATTER how far away they live!! It's just the fact people want to have fun and stay up all night!! UGH...I mean...MOM let me. And that's really all that matters.
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13 July 2009 @ 02:08 pm
WELL, warped was amazing. Very long post coming up. So 7/11, went to my sis's dorm and we decided to make cookies for VersaEmerge because we love them that much. XD No cookie cutter so we used paper stencils! Jen's idea...it was a lot more difficult because the cookies broke and cracked and the stove was odd and we didn't have a good pan. -.- I made little cute hearts and smiley faces. Like so...=) and another one that was Anthony ish. We also made a B,A,D,S, and J. Either way, it was still a lot of fun. We also packed 3 chocolate chip cliff bars because Blake mentioned earlier on his twitter that he wanted some. We then had some very yummy dinner. Totally delicious even though it was frozen. Oh God let me think...we had curry rice, little pizza bagle thingies, and lasagna! It was really good. =) So we planned on getting a good night's rest so I went to take a shower and stupid me couldn't find the light. Turns out it was OUTSIDE the bathroom. XD I am so so smart. >.> Anyway, so we went to bed @ like 10:00 or something. Tried to sleep except we were so excited that everyone 5 minutes we would say something about warped and how amazing it was going to be. Then we just started talking and Jen started making potato faces that cracked me up so I REALLY couldn't sleep. Therefore, we got up and had granola and yogurt. So good. It was about 11:00 then and I couldn't fall asleep till like 12:00 and got woken up by the thunder. Woke up @ 4:00 because of excitement...and then had to wake up @ 6:00 to get ready for the day. Our lunch were burritos, Cliff Bars, mandarin oranges, and lots of other random snacks. We were a little behind schedule and I threw on a green tank w/ blue shorts. We headed out the door and walked quickly to the T stop just to be stopped by a woman looking for directions and asking questions about the college.
We FINALLY entered the T station and waited for the train. It took so long that we were afraid we were going to miss it. We made it to our destination and the bus was there. We climbed on and tried to sleep but was once again too excited. An hour and half later, we arrived Hartford, in desparate need of a bathroom. There was a Burger King but it was for customer use only so we bought tator tots. After some hectic "OMG I need to pee" moments, we waited for the bus to take us to the Comcast Center. Waited about 10 mins but it felt like so long. The sun was coming up and was so warm and comfy. Beautiful day.
We finally got there and there were already lots of people there. A band Allura was playing and these guys were moshing. It was interesting...Waited for 1/2 and hour. It was REALLY starting to get hot. Whipped out some sunscreen and the doors opened promptly @ 10:59. People rushed in and security was so smooth and quick.
First thing's first, DROP OFF THE COOKIES! We walked around aimlessly trying to find VE's tent. SO difficult. Looking for a white and blue tent. It was so hard. Walked around for 1/2 hour I say. Haha...then we found it! Only Devin and the merch girl was there.
Here's the general convo. I really don't remember it all. I was too dazed.
Devin: Heeey...I just woke up.
Jen: We made you guys cookies!
Devin: Dude sweet!
Jen: Some of the letters are cracked though...like the S but we didn't forget you!
Devin: That's okay. It's food! *Looks through ziplock bag*
And then Devin hugs Jen. I wanted a hug too...but I wanted a T-shirt @ the moment. haha. So I bought the black and colorful one which came with the EP and I wanted a wrist band which we got for free because we brought food. XD Haha.
So we went to check out the bands playing and yeah. Went to the first band who played at the main stage. Big mosh pit. Pretty cool.
Wanted to watch 3OH!3 next so yeah. We were pretty hungry so we had lunch. Had a cliff bar and Jen had the burrito. It was really filling. Buzz...text: FREE MONSTERS! I personally don't like monsters but it was so hot and I needed something cold. We went to the monster truck and grabbed some.
"UGh I hate monsters but it feels so good." was what we were saying all the time. XD or maybe "This tastes so gross but it's cold so it's good." Yeaaah...
The monster truck just happened to be right by the main stage and 3OH!3 was playing. After we disgustingly finished most of one of them monsters, (Jen gave the other one away) we went to the crowd. Stayed for the WHOLE THING! It was a lot of fun. I'm not sure what we did next but we stopped at a few random stages and listened to the bands play. Oh right..the condom thing...that was so weird. So there's this big inflatable that says: TROJAN It's nothing like you've experienced or something like that. The lady wouldn't say what was in the inflatable and then we heard some guy say, "The projector's down" so we just walked away. Then, we went to get the tattoo thingies...forgot what they were called...I got mine on my leg. It's so faded. XD
We decided to go back to the Versa tent to buy something for my friend since all Hit the Lights had were XS t-shirts. AND Blake and the other band members were there. Except for Sierra. XD Who was supposedly out for lunch. We desparately wanted a pic w/ Blake so JEn was all...
"Can I have a picture...?" while blake asked her how she was doing. And Before that I couldn't find my wallet. And when I took the pic it was on video so I had to switch it back to picture. NEedless to say I think we made some not so good first impressions. I then took a pic and asked for a hug which he said of course to. I was so so happy. I wanted to take a pic w/ Devin just because he's so nice and chill and sweet. We sat under the trees and happily ate a snack. Mandarin oranges for me and tuna for the sis.
Later, we checked out Alana Grace because we've heard of her and wanted to see how she was doing. COINCIDENCE: Just when we got there, she was playing one of the two songs that I've heard, She kept on looking @ us and smiling since we were lip synching along.
Next, we went to see ARTM who's stage was INSIDE! WHO KNEW?! Only stayed for one song because I wasn't actually that excited.
Then we wanted to go to Alana Grace's tent because we're weird like that. She signed and stuff and was very nice. Also got buttons for a buck.
Next we were stopped by a band called The Scenic. We talked to them for a bit and their singer comes over and says, "Can I draw a tattoo on your arm?" At first I thought he was kidding so I decided to think about it. Then some girl started talking to him and I was like, "Oh great he forgot...oh well." But then he asked me again and I was like "SURE!" He drew this cartoony skull and cross bones. Turns out he designs the t-shirts and stuff. I thought that was so cool.
By then, we could get free Amythest Jeans. We went there earlier but they had to restock. We got there lke 5 mins early but still...there was a line. They were very nice shorts.
We wanted to be right against the barrier for VE so we got there a set earlier but there were already a VE fan there! It was kinda sad...we stayed for In This Moment and they were pretty good. THere was actually a mosh pit! Luckily for us, the guy in front of us went away and we took his spot and waited for VE. They were sound checking but still I was stoked. Blake was smiling at us a lot since he was right in front of us and we were into every song. I was shouting...even though it was hard since Sierra sings too high for me, my heart out. And headbanged so much that my neck and shoulder now hurts. He looked at us a lot, probably because we were so hardcore. Haha...no kidding. But he'd look @ the camera and stuff. We did the VE sign and Sierra pointed @ Jen. Devin was so entertaining to watch, but my eyes were on Blake...I looked to the right a few times...and yup, he's entertaining. I'm pretty sure the band saw us flipping out. XD Sierra jumped off the stage and stood on the edge of the barrier during Whisperer. All the fans reached and I didn't touch her but I didn't mind. I screamed so loudly for them. Blake then had 4 guitar picks to hand out and Jen got one, but dropped it. Then I got one handed to me and was and still so happy! We ran to their tent for their signing because we had to leave @ 7:30. I asked Blake to initial the guitar pick, sign my wrist band and the CD. I was going to say, "I sound so demanding" but stopped at so because I decided that I would sound stupid. He just kinda looked @ me weird. >.> But he appreciated us and I think he recongized us. Anthony was so nice. He was all "Thank you so much for coming." And we're like NO THANK YOU! Devin was all..."Haaaayyyy..." like he knew us. Probably does...since everytime we went to their tent he was there. XD We bolted out the gates and grabbed a taxi and made it to the bus stop. OF course, we were dying of thirst. Jen decided to run to the nearest store to buy a water and I saw a bus come and thought that was ours so I called her. Turns out it was going to NY. Oops. The bus was going to be a little late so Jen ran back and everything was closed which was so upsetting. We were so tired but couldn't sleep on the way back. The girl next to us kept on listening to Miley Cyrus which was like =/ After a day of good music we hear that. =p Oh well. We made it back and my shower was so so relieving. I was covered in sweat, sunscreen, and dust. But basically...warped was the shiz. It was amazing. I loved it! If I could, then I would go to another one. =)
Oh...I forgot the part where Jerry was pressuring us to buy his accoustic CD...so he's like "Do you guys like acoustic stuff?" we're like "Yeah!" So he said, "You should check out this CD. It's $5." and blahblahblah....I mean...I didn't really want it but Jen bought anyway. I don't think she wanted it either but he signed it so...WOOPEE...
And I also forgot the shaved ice thing. It was blueberry flavored and tasted weird but it was cold so it was good. XD
Oh...and I think Blake was very happy that we liked them for their music and not their looks or something. He smiled @ us a lot. =)
Anyway, I don't think I forgot anything else! Wanted to write everything down before I forgot! >.> I'll def. remember that forever. I don't think anything else has been so amazing.
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20 June 2009 @ 12:10 pm
So...I've found out that walking the wrong way on an escalator sucks! I left this part out...cuz I forgot...XD So we were going up the escalator and saw the merch store...except it was downstairs. We decided we would walk down the UP escalator. I attempted to jump off but the flat part of the escalator was rising...so I was like...AAH WTF! and just stood there I as was raised again. I decided to just DO IT AND JUMP and I made it. Except it made me feel sick.
So as fun as that was, it made me feel slightly light headed...XD
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19 June 2009 @ 11:38 am
 Oh my gosh! It was amazing!! I've been waiting to see Paramore for sooo long! Bedouin Soundclash played first. They were pretty good. And then out came Paramore and I screamed...XD IT was so awesome! My throat started hurting. It felt so unrealistic but at the same time it was happening. I don't know many No Doubt songs but I actually liked it a lot...we left early, due to traffic and so my parents could pick me and my sister up. Took lots of pics and vids. Best night of my life for sure!! 
So first, I went to my friend's party until 2:30 and @ 3:00 we left for Montreal....

Then we looked for hotels....and had dinner.

Had Pho...it was super yummy! Got a large and nearly finished it!! So proud!! Hahaha....

Then went to Chinatown to help my sis, ileanadubaer to buy some stuff.

Then @ quarter to seven, we left for the concert.

Turns out we got new seats and they were better ones! We booked $60 seats but got $80 ones! Pretty sweeeet!

When we got to our seats, Bedouin Soundclash were already playing...there weren't a lot of people there...

I was so pumped for Paramore. When they came out, I was like "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" My high pitched scream. XD ileanadubaer took vids...I was so happy! Hayley sounded really good. And all the band members were awesome. The pressure flip was sooooo sweet! Let the Flames Begin was amazing...I've always wanted to see the ending live because it's so epic!! >.> EEEK! 

Then Paramore left....the stage people began setting up for No Doubt. Everything was white. It was so chique! They like, came out in shadow thingies....silhouette kinda. I don't know. They were so awesome. I actually knew some songs. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would...so all the band members were so wakcy and weird that it was cool. Gwen changed into this sweet sparkly grey and white one piece thing that was like a skirt w/ shorts on the bottom. I wanted it! 

So that was my night...in detail. WE left early, as I said before, due to traffic and we didn't want our 'rents to wait too long. Turns out all the bands came out for the finale. Daayuum! Wish I stayed but oh well. It was still unbelievable.

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